Responsibilities for the Audit Committee are as follows

  • Review the financial reports to ensure their accuracy and adequacy
  • Review Internal control and audit systems and ensure they are effective
  • Review and ensure NSIA compliance with applicable laws and regulations
  • Select, review, and recommend the appointment of external auditors and auditor’s fees
  • Assess the results of NSIA operations reported by relevant business unit which the committee considers to be vital and advise the Board of Directors on their improvement and remedies
  • Ensure compliance with applicable regulations and disclosure of related party transactions and conflict of interest
  • Prepare the Audit Committee reports for publication in the annual report
  • Assess areas of business and financial risk
  • Review Internal control systems
  • Appoint external auditor and monitor independence and performance of external auditors
  • Oversee the internal audit function – outsourced internal auditor reports to this committee
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