Key Facts

As at year end December 31, 2015, highlights of NSIA's performance and activities are as follows:

  • Total comprehensive income increased to N26.3 billion representing a 67% growth.
  • Investment income grew by 47% to close at N5.8 billion.
  • Total Assets recorded a growth of 20% to N213.66 billion at year end.
  • $250 million of additional capital was approved for allocation to the Authority. This was consequently received in February 2016 and will be invested within the new fiscal year using the existing deployment ratio of 40% in Infrastructure Fund, 40% in Future Generations Fund and 20% in Stabilisation Fund.
  • On-boarded 5 Private Equity (PE) fund managers, 4 are Nigerian-based, bringing NSIA's total commitments to PE fund managers to 24.
  • Strengthened NSIA's infrastructure intervention framework through co-investments collaborations with other institutional investors.

Within the period, the Authority's $1.25 billion capital was allocated thus:
  • $250 million Stabilisation Fund
  • $500 million Nigeria Infrastructure Fund
  • $500 million Future Generations Fund
Total Comprehensive income amounted to N26.3 billion for the year ended December 31, 2015.

Key Sector focus/priority sectors for infrastructure interventions remain.
  • Agriculture
  • Healthcare
  • Power
  • Motorways / Roads
  • Power/Gas to Power