Key Facts

As of year-ended December 31, 2017, highlights of NSIA's performance and activities are as follows:

  • Total comprehensive income (including the impact of foreign exchange gains) of N27.93 billion (previous year: N149.83 billion).
  • Total comprehensive income (excluding the impact of foreign exchange gains) of N26.28 billion (previous year: N46.24 billion).
  • Total Assets recorded a growth of 27% to N533.88 billion at year end (previous year: N 420.93 billion):
    • 68% of asset growth attributed to National Economic Council (NEC) Contribution: Additional $250 million allocated by NEC at the 2016 Governing Council Meeting received in Q3 2017.
  • Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) on the core funds:
    • Stabilisation Fund: 5.17%.
    • Future Generations Fund: 6.05%
    • Nigeria Infrastructure Fund: 3.50%
  • Rapid deployment of funds into infrastructure projects specifically in agriculture, healthcare, education and infrastructure enabling financial institutions:
    • InfraCredit: fully operational with capital injection of $25 million
    • Presidential Fertiliser Initiative: NAIC-NPK Ltd a wholly owned NSIA subsidiary produced 8 million bags of fertiliser with equivalent of 2 million bags carried over as inventory; over $100 million capital injection.
    • Novum Farms: Committed $25 million to UFF-NSIA fund co-sponsored by Old Mutual for an integrated farm in Nassarawa.
    • Bridge International Academies Limited: Committed $5million to deliver affordable quality primary education to lower-income families.
    • Other projects in the pipeline include the development of the Nigeria Commodity Exchange (NCX), Customers Single Window (CSW) and Healthcare Projects for which development expenses have been incurred.
  • Assets under management:
    • NSIA core capital- $1.5 billion.
    • Other 3rd party managed funds- $511.4 million comprised of:
      • NBET - $350 million ($390.45 - Fair value 31 Dec 2017)
      • DMO - $100 million ($120.95 million - Fair value 31 Dec 2017)
  • Within the period, the Authority's $1.50 billion capital was allocated thus:
    • $300 million Stabilisation Fund
    • $600 million Nigeria Infrastructure Fund<
    • $600 million Future Generations Fund

In June 2018, an additional US$650 million was transferred to the NSIA for the Presidential Infrastructure Fund. This is over and above normal contributions as it is characterized by specific investment mandates for 4 road projects and 1 power project, all of which are of national significance.

Key Sector focus/priority sectors for infrastructure interventions remain.

  • Agriculture
  • Healthcare
  • Motorways / Roads
  • Power/Gas to Power

1ROCE is based on the Audited Financial Statement as presented in Naira