Compensation Committee


The Compensation Committee's principal role is to assists the Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibility of ensuring that the compensation structure for NSIA's employees is consistent with the organisation's long-term objectives. Specifically, the Compensation Committee is charged with the following responsibilities

  • Review and approve the organogram of the NSIA
  • Review and approve compensation levels of NSIA employees including non-cash benefits.
  • Commission external surveys to benchmark compensation of NSIA staff
  • Review Human Resources guidelines of the NSIA
  • Recommend disciplinary measures of Board and executives
  • Review IT strategy and review/approve operating strategy
  • Review and approve changes in Administration policies
  • Conduct CEO and Senior Management Evaluation
  • Design senior management compensation structure in order to ensure that it is aligned with shareholder interest.
  • Review and recommend CEO, senior management, and Director compensation
  • Monitor compensation levels and recommend changes when necessary

Details regarding the composition and other roles of the Compensation Committee are contained in the respective Charters.