Chapel Hill - Nigeria Infrastructure Debt Fund (NIDF)

Project Name:

  • Chapel Hill Denham Nigeria Infrastructure Debt Fund

Project Sector:

  • Financial Services

Project Sponsors:

  • Chapel Hill Denham

Commencement Date / Closure Date / Completion Date

  • 13 Dec 2017 (Investment Date)

Project Location (Region or State):

  • Lagos

Project Description:

  • The Chapel Hill Denham Nigeria Infrastructure Debt Fund (“NIDF”) seeks to support infrastructure development across Nigeria by providing long-term senior and subordinated debt financing in local currency to commercially viable projects, sponsored by private and public-sector proponents, including pension funds.

Benefits / Impact (Social, Economic & Others):

  • Supports Nigeria’s infrastructure sector by providing long-term, naira-denominated debt funding to infrastructure projects.  Investments have been made in over 20 infrastructure projects across 10 sub-sectors
  • Catalyst for institutional investment by providing pension funds and other long-term investors with a well-structured investment framework. NIDF have received the support of 22 pension funds (PFAs) out of the 26 eligible PFAs in Nigeria

Project Cost / Size:

  • N77.57 billion

Funding structure:

  • Equity

NSIA’s interest:

  • $5million (Naira equivalent of N1,528,499,947.20)


  • Chapel Hill Denham, AfDB, 22 Pension Fund Administrators