NSIA Umuahia Diagnostic Centre (NUDC)

Project Name:

  • NSIA Umuahia Diagnostic Centre (NUDC)

Project Sector:

  • Healthcare

Project Sponsors:

  • NSIA Healthcare Development and Investment Company (NHDIC)

Commencement Date / Closure Date / Completion Date

  • Operations started 3 August 2020

Project Location (Region or State):

  • Federal Medical Center Umuahia (FMCU), Abia State.

Project Description:

  • NUDC is a modern medical diagnostic centre, established through a  joint  venture  between  NHDIC and FMCU that provides both basic and advanced radiology and laboratory tests.
  • The equipment mix at NUDC include:
  • 1 128-slice Computerized Tomography Scan machine;
  • 2 Digital X-ray machines;
  • 2 3D/4D Ultrasound scan machine;
  • 1 Mammography machine; and
  • Basic pathology equipment.

Benefits / Impact (Social, Economic & Others):

  • Contribution to the improved screening and diagnostics services in Southern Nigeria.
  • Provision of diagnostic services to 14,230 patients as at Q4 2021.
  • Contribution to employment through the direct employment of 58 persons
  • Reduction in foreign exchange leakage because of outbound medical tourism.

Project Cost / Size:

  • US$5.5million

Funding structure:

NSIA’s interest:

  • 90% owned by NHDIC


  • FMCU