Our Culture

The sum total of all that the NSIA represents today is rooted in our Culture. The NSIA's culture is built on its shared values and corporate philosophy. It's really the people that differentiate the Authority. We hire people who are disciplined, focused, smart and we favor ability over experience. Although our employees imbibe and embody the common goals and visions of the Authority, we hail from a broad and diverse background, reflecting the diversity and inclusiveness of our teams.

We maintain a professional culture often associated with top notch investments banks and multinationals, in which everyone is a pro-active contributor and feels comfortable sharing ideas and opinions.

We operate an open door policy while our work areas are designed to encourage interactions and exchange of ideas within and across teams. Our interactions are on a first name basis, nonetheless decorum and discretion is required.The NSIA tone is professional and succinct.

The NSIA is an equal opportunities establishment. Our recruitment is driven strictly by needs matched with competency. We hire employees across functions based on best fit. In this way we are able to attract brilliant and committed minds whose natural culture fits into each role while seeking a way to align with the demand of the federal character as stipulated by government.