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About Us

NSIA represents a new era of fiscal discipline.

Established as an independent investment institution by an Act of the National Assembly in May 2011, we are an investment institution of the Nigerian Federation set up to manage Nigeria’s Sovereign Wealth Fund.
an investment institution of the Federation, NSIA - About, Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority

The NSIA, Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority, derives its mandate from the NSIA Act which was signed into law in May 2011. It empowers the Authority to receive, manage and invest funds in a diversified portfolio of medium and long term assets on behalf of the Federal Government, State Governments, Federal Capital Territory, and Local Governments Area Councils in preparation for the eventual depletion of Nigeria’s hydrocarbon resources. To give effect to the mandates, the NSIA established three main funds: the Stabilisation Fund, the Future Generations Fund and the Nigeria Infrastructure Fund.

The role of the Stabilisation Fund is to provide budget support in times of economic stress; the Future Generations Fund is an inter-generational savings fund for future generations of Nigerians while the Nigeria Infrastructure Fund is to invest in domestic infrastructure.

The Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority commenced operations in 2012, with the inauguration of the Board of Directors on 9th October, 2012. After a series of start-up challenges, the NSIA began investment activities in the 3rd quarter of 2013, with a seed capital of US$1 billion.

A further net core contribution of US$600m has been injected to the NSIA since 2016. This came in three tranches of US$250m in 2016 2018 and 2020 respectively while the sum of US$150million was withdrawn from the Stabilisation Fund to augment government’s budget at the height of the covid-19 pandemic.

The Authority’s ownership interests are held by all the Federating Units as follows:

Corporate Philosophy


To play a leading role in driving sustained economic development for the benefit of all Nigerians through:

  • Building a savings base for the Nigerian People.
  • Enhancing the development of Nigeria’s infrastructure.
  • Providing stabilisation support in times of economic stress.


To establish NSIA as a leading sovereign wealth fund globally, playing a role in promoting investments for Nigeria’s economic development.


In our quest to become the yardstick of national fiscal discipline, our culture is shaped by values that transcend the norm in public service.

Within the ambit of our enabling Act, we conscientiously apply ourselves in all we do.


We are uncompromising in our adherence to the tenets of probity, character, and accountability in all our endeavours.


Ours is an institution characterized by clear and best-in-class business practices.


NSIA receives funding primarily from the surplus income generated from the sale of Nigeria’s crude oil. The Authority was allocated an initial sum of US$1 billion in seed capital in 2013. Since then there have been three additional tranches of contributions to the core fund. Learn More  

Why we invest


To build a savings base for the 
Nigerian people

NSIA invests with the aim of building wealth and providing a sound financial foundation on which the Federation can formulate ambitious development and diversification objectives. NSIA serves to invest the savings gained on the difference between the budgeted and actual market prices for sale of oil to earn returns that would benefit future generations of Nigerians.


To enhance the development of Nigerian infrastructure

Agriculture, healthcare, motorways, power and renewable energy, gas industrialization and financial markets infrastructure are some of the high priority areas of focus for NSIA. We invest to stimulate sustainable economic growth, enable industrialisation, attract investment capital, and facilitate policy changes across these key sectors. These catalytic sectors each have the potential to accelerate Nigeria’s economy transformation and fuel the nation’s emergence as the preferred investment destination in the Sub-Saharan Africa.


To provide stabilization support in times of economic stress.

NSIA invests to help protect Nigeria’s economy from external shocks. To perform this role effectively, we invest in assets that enable capital preservation and modest returns. Our goal in managing the stabilisation fund is to provide a safety net against budgetary deficits brought about by drops in oil prices below budgetary benchmark as well as other budgetary constraints. We convert revenue generated from sale of crude oil into income that can be used to stabilize fiscal budgets over commodity cycles. We serve to reduce the effects of volatile revenues from oil on the government and economy of Nigeria.

Board of the NSIA

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