Future Generations Fund

Submitted by admin on Fri, 09/30/2016 - 10:07
Objective To invest in a diversified portfolio of growth investments to provide future generations of Nigerians a savings base for such time as the hydrocarbon reserves are exhausted.
Initial % Asset Allocation (Pre - 2017) 40%
Current % Asset Allocation 30%
Strategic Asset Allocation / Focus Sectors
Asset Class Allocation
Public Equity
Private Equity/Venture
Absolute Return
Cash & Other Diversifiers
Mandate/Recent Investments
  • Public Equity is split 50% Developed markets and 50% Emerging Markets
  • Private Equity Commitment is split roughly 25% secondary and 75% primary interest.
  • Absolute returns: Four Hedge fund strategies such as global macro, credit, long/short equity etc.
  • Others include Aircraft leasing, Healthcare royalty, commodity etc.
Expected Average Annualized Returns US CPI + 400 BPS
Investment Horizon Medium to Long Term
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