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Third Party Investments

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Third Party Funds
NSIA has had a history of undertaking fund management serves on behalf of the Federal Government and some of its agencies dating back to its first year of operations. Depending on the Investment Management Agreement (IMA) signed, NSIA may generate a modest fee from offering this service. The investments are typically managed using the same investment policy statements as those used for the NSIA’s mandate funds. Presently, NSIA serves as fund manager to some highly impact government projects as well as high priority fund. Entities that have benefited from this service include:
  • The Presidency through the Presidential Infrastructure Development Fund (PIDF) and under the pre-restructured Presidential Fertiliser Initiative (PFI)
  • The Ministry of Finance through the FGN Stabilisation Fund
  • The Debt Management Office through the DMO fund
  • NBET through the now expired NBET Funds