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Our Impact / Success Stories

As exemplified in our Theory of Change (ToC), the NSIA is focused on enhancing positive socio-economic outcomes for Nigerians. Our investment focus, therefore, revolves around optimal financial yield as well as sustained economic development.

Farmers supported
across 13 states

68% of the supported are youth

50% of the supported are female

600,000 individuals impacted across local communities

Length of motorways
across 3 PIDF projects
0 Km

Improved health and safety for road users

Improved market access and economic activity

Over 130,000 direct and indirect jobs created

Solar project
0 MW

Nigeria's largest Solar PV plant

Access to clean & and sustainable energy for industrialisation

Over 500 jobs to be created directly and indirectly

Homes financed for
low-income families

Improved access to affordable housing

Over 6000 homes under active construction

Over 50,000 direct & indirect jobs created across 10 states

Invested in education through
Private Equity Funds
US$ 0 m

Over 3,500 students enrolled, including students with special needs

Increased minimum reading proficiency levels

Enhanced capacity and competency levels of teachers.

patients served across
our healthcare investments

Over 150,000 chemotherapy sessions administered

Improved access to affordable world-class healthcare across Nigeria

Over 500 direct & indirect jobs created

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