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NSIA periodically advertises job openings/vacancies and procurement of services on the corporate website

NSIA Investor reations, Procurement

Consistent with best practice and in line with Authority’s procurement framework, NSIA advertises procurement of services as and when required. In order to comply with our general procurement requirements, respondents must provide the following minimum accompanying documentation along with the Express of Interest:

  • Company Profile
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Forms CO7 and CO2
  • FIRS Certificates (3 years minimum)
  • Audited Accounts (3 years minimum)

The Authority believes that fair public procurement may contribute to enhanced compliance with broader stakeholder values and needs.


We’re hiring!


NSIA is an equal opportunity employer. Our vacancy adverts cover both full time and part-time opportunities as when available. Respondents must provide:

  • A Resume
  • Appropriate evidence of academic qualifications
  • Certificate of advanced academic qualifications (if available or/as required)
  • Evidence of Charter or Professional Certification
  • NYSC Discharge Certificate

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