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Board of Directors Charter

A. Introduction

The Board of Directors (“Board”) of the Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority (“NSIA”) has been established to attain the objectives of the NSIA, as set out in the Act.

B. Responsibilities of the Board

The Board’s responsibilities include:
1. Articulate, oversee, and ultimately approve the development of a strategic plan to meet the long-term goals of the NSIA.

2. Oversee the financial performance of the NSIA through:

a. Review of the investment performance of each of the portfolios
b. Approval of the NSIA’s operating and capital budgets, and
c. Review and approval of quarterly and year-end financial statements

3. Working with the NSIA’s staff, identify the principal risks to the NSIA and ensure that
systems are in place to manage those risks

4. Monitor the NSIA’s performance against agreed goals and objectives

Board of Directors Charter