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Gas Industrialization

In the Authority’s view, Nigeria has an opportunity to leverage its vast gas resources to quicken industrialisation. NSIA’s major objective for the gas sector is to transform Nigeria into an industrialised nation with gas playing a major role in the country’s economic transformation agenda. NSIA views gas development as a catalyst for economic diversification and industrialization. Under a partnership programme with OCP of Morocco, NSIA is developing a chemical blend fertiliser plant and an Ammonia plant which will be sited in Akwa Ibom State. The project called, the Multipurpose Industrial Platform Ltd (MIPL) will be a backward integration initiative which will ensure that Nigeria is able to produce Ammonia, a basic input in fertilizer production. The MIPP plant, on completion, will produce 750,000MT per annum of Ammonia; part of this Ammonia, combined with Phosphoric and Sulphuric acids will be combined to further produce 1 million MT per annum of Diammonium Phosphate (DAP) and NPK fertilizers. The domestic market in Nigeria will be the primary beneficiary, whilst excess Ammonia will be exported to Morocco.