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The NSIA is actively pursuing investments in road infrastructure delivery and maintenance to improve the general state of the roads, reduce the funding burden on the Federation Account and introduce private sector efficiencies to the procurement, delivery and management of road infrastructure.

The Presidential Infrastructure Development Fund (PIDF) was established in 2018 by President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR, to accelerate the execution of certain critical, strategic infrastructure projects essential to the rapid growth and modernization of Nigeria’s economy. NSIA was appointed Fund and Project Manager of PIDF. The Ongoing PIDF projects include: 1) Abuja-Kano Road (“AKR”) 2) Second Niger Bridge (“2NB”), and 3) Lagos-Ibadan Expressway (“LIE”).

The AKR is divided into three sections (Section 1 – Abuja to Kaduna; Section 2 – Kaduna to Zaria, and Section 3 – Zaria to Kano). As of Q2, 2023, the percentage completion on the main carriageway was 51%.

The Lagos-Ibadan Expressway is divided into two sections (Section 1 - Lagos to Shagamu and Section 2 - Shagamu to Ibadan. As of Q2, 2023, the overall completion on the main carriageway was 89%. The 2NB attained 98% completion as of Q3, 2023.