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At the NSIA, we leverage competence and diversity to drive performance. Our decision making processes are significantly strengthened by the broad perspective of ideas contributed by employees who are from diverse fields, backgrounds and experience.

Our vision is global but we have a local focus. The demands of this vision requires that we hire capable people who are natural fits for the NSIA culture, a culture defined by excellence.In line with this, we seek to attract, groom and retain best-in-class talents from different yet relevant professional backgrounds.

NSIA's recruitment processes are simple and clear. The processes are designed to evaluate candidates' experience, technical skills, and behaviour while providing them with anin-depth and comprehensive understanding of NSIA's mandate, culture and work environment.

Our human capacity development approach is to source for and recruit - what we define as - the NSIA person. Nonetheless, we are an equal opportunity employerwith recruitment systems which transcendreligion, gender, age and/or disability.Upon joining the NSIA, employees soonrealize that their ideas find expression within the system. Our lean structure and performance management systems ensure that every employee visibly impact the attainment of NSIA's goals. These, coupled with our career development opportunities, contribute to high employee engagement and low annual turnover of less than 5% p.a. on average given the lean staff strength.

The Recruitment Process

Entry level employees candidate join the organisation as Analysts. The recruitment exercise starts with written tests and essays. Successful candidates then undergo a minimum of two levels of interviews before a final selection is made.

Employment evaluation for experience hires is function specific. Such assessments include modelling test, competency tests, interviews, strategy presentations and essay amongst others.

We provide an opportunity for eligible candidate to compete ensuring that the best candidate emerges.

The NSIA Person

The NSIA person is confident, competent and ethical. Our recruitment systems are designed to identify, seek out and select the best breed of individuals who possess these qualities.

Work Environment

The NSIA work environment is not defined by location. Rather, it is a function of the circumstance under which a successful recruit would work. We work through lean but high performance teams driven by the singular passion to contribute to the development of Nigeria's economy. This is the defining context of the environment in which we work.

The NSIA operates from Nigeria's capital city of Abuja. It is likely that successful candidate will be working out from this location. However, employees may be required to operate from other locations within and outside the country at various times.