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Equilease Systems Limited

Project status: Ongoing progress
Equilease ii

Project Details

Commencement Date
May 2023
  • EquiLease Systems Limited (“EquiLease”) is a specialty equipment leasing company which seeks to catalyze growth in various sectors of the economy by providing an alternative financing option for the acquisition of capital equipment.
  • Equilease’s initial focus is in the healthcare sector, and in providing its leasing services, it will enter strategic partnership arrangements with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) for the acquisition of capital equipment to be leased to its clients at agreed-upon terms while also providing operations and maintenance support services.
  • Equilease aims to increase access to finance for acquiring medical equipment, stimulate the growth and development of the healthcare sector, and contribute to improved healthcare outcomes in the country.

Improving the quality of the standard of care in healthcare institutions, consequently reducing disease-related morbidity and mortality due to a lack of specialist diagnostic equipment 


How the fund is invested


Project Cost / Size:

100% owned by NSIA

NSIA’s interest:

Equity and Debt

Funding structure


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