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Second Niger Bridge (2NB)

Project Details

Commencement Date
August 2018
Completion Date
Q3 2023

The 2NB project is a very significant project that will decongest the existing Niger Bridge, boost economic activities, and connect the South-East with the rest of the country. The project and its link roads are expected to be 46.9km long, connecting Asaba (Delta State) and Onitsha (Anambra State). The project is split into 3 phases:

Phase 1 of the project involves the following:

Phase 1 of the project is being developed by Julius Berger Nigeria Plc (“JBN”) and involves the following:

  • Construction of 1.6km bridge over the River Niger;
  • Construction of 10.3km approach roads from Asaba and Onitsha;
  • Construction of two (2) secondary bridges at Amakon Village Road and Atani Road of 21.7m each; and
  • Construction of a new cloverleaf interchange at Onitsha – Owerri Road.

This phase of the project attained 100% completion as of the fourth quarter (Q4) of 2024.

Phase 2A (Yet to Commence)

The contract for Approach Road 2A which involves the construction of 17.5km 2A (Benin-Asaba link) was executed by the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing and Julius Berger Nigeria Plc on March 8, 2022. However, given that the construction of 2A is estimated to take 37 months, the Bridge, which was initially estimated to be completed in October 2022, cannot be operational until 2A is completed. 

In March 2022, it was decided that a temporary access road measuring 2.4km from the Asaba end of 2A to the Benin – Asaba dual carriageway be constructed, and this will lead to early commissioning of the bridge and have the bridge operational and generating revenue through collection of toll fees, while 2A is being constructed. 

Phase 2B (Yet to Commence)

The contract for Approach Road 2B which involves the construction of 17.5km 2B (Onitsha – Enugu) with its associated infrastructure and a completion period of 48 months was executed by the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing and Reynolds Construction Company on June 25, 2020. 


  • Over 8,000 indirect jobs have been created by the 2NB project. Beyond employment creation, the bridge, which connects Anambra and Delta States, will cut travel time for millions of Nigerians and create a corridor for the movement of goods and services thereby contributing to the growth of the economy.
  • The project is expected to boost economic activity and spur an increase in investments, agriculture, and trade due to improved and quicker access to markets, as well as improved health and safety along the route. The project has the potential to yield between 93,000 to 210,000 direct and indirect jobs.
  • The development of 2NB is aimed at minimising traffic congestion on the old bridge. This will have a significant positive impact on the environment by reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.


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