North West (NW)

NSIA Prize for Innovation (NPI)

NSIA launched an innovation prize with a total prize value of US$255,000 to be awarded as a combination of cash and equity investment to the underlying businesses of the winners.

Presidential Fertilizer Initiative (PFI)

NSIA’s investment in the agriculture sector primarily seeks to address challenging issues, actors face while leveraging its comparative advantage. Specifically, our impact in agriculture covers 19 states and spans all 6 geopolitical zones with a keen eye on guaranteeing food security.

Presidential Artisanal Gold Mining Initiative (PAGMI)

Nigeria’s mining sector can now attract greater foreign investment as the nation is building a world-class mining sector that will contribute to the country’s non-oil economy. As a result, His Excellency, the President, initiated the PAGMI programme to facilitate fair dealing for artisanal miners and accelerate the development of the Nigerian economy’s Solid Minerals Sector.

Kano Solar Project

The Kano Solar Plant is currently the largest grid-connected solar photovoltaics (PV) plant and is proof of successful midsized solar PV deployment in Nigeria.  The plant will provide access to clean affordable and sustainable energy to local industries and other consumers.

NSIA Kano Diagnostic Centre (NKDC)

NKDC is a modern medical diagnostic centre, established through a joint venture between NHDIC and AKTH that provides both basic and advanced radiology and laboratory tests.

Babban Gona

Babban Gona is a high impact, scalable agricultural franchise that seeks to sustainably improve the lives of smallholder farmers through the provision of